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Monday, 17 September 2012

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Sorry for the inconsistent blogging at the moment - working on some exciting projects though which I'm so excited for you all to see. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments lately and I really appreciate all your feedback. Another big thank you and hello to the new followers - welcome to the family! For more daily updates you can have a gander at my instagram (image above is a somewhat adequate representation of my posts - lots of nail art, outfits and randomness) and I've put a widget to my right for youzz ------>

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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Outfit: Eagle Belt with Evil Eye Nails

jacket: Topshop | shirt: H&M | shorts: zara | belt: topshop | shoes: topshop

Sorry for the delay in posting this week, I've had a bit of a nightmare with my phone breaking and sorting that all out; however, I can now say that I am a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is fast becoming my new prized possession. Who knew so much pleasure could come from a tiny little electronic object? (HUR HUR HUR, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID). I used to be a crackberry addict but I am eagerly ushering in this android dawn.

I wore this outfit to go watch Anna Karenina with some friends and what a spectacular film. I recommend you all to watch it - with this warning. Going in with the expectations that this would be another standard Joe WrightxKeira Knightly film adventure (off the top of my head: Atonement and Pride & Prejudice) I was pleasantly surprised. Wright has managed to bring out the underbelly of the novel in a non-traditional stylistic form which, after a confusing opening, becomes seamless and engaging. A catchphrase emerged during the film with my friend and I nodding to each other and murmuring "So meta. It's just so meta". I'll stop now before I bore you all but definitely go see this film if you're looking for a beautifully shot and art directed piece. ALTHOUGH, another friend was somewhat disappointed. As we left the theatre she exclaimed "I just wanted it to be like The Duchess! I'm just going to go home and watch The Duchess!".

I took these outfit photos while listening to this song (The Monkees - A little of me, A little bit you). I'm refusing to let go of summer.

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Outfit: Back to School with Topshop Cheetah Trousers and Urban OutfittersPencil Jumper

jumper: Urban outfitters | shirt: H&M | trousers: topshop | shoes: aldo

For the first time in my memory, I have not spent this September in some sort of institute for education. I remember being 3 years old and crying in my kindergarten bathroom because I had convinced myself that my mother had abandoned me to these savage barbarian children. This was a terrible slight to my toddler ego. Luckily, I made friends with some wonderful boys who explained to me that a banana was actually a pistol. Once this was all cleared up I found kindergarten a lot more fun. I'm still friends with a lot of these boys, and while they will never see me in a sexual manner (big shout out to my mother and their mothers for taking photos of us all in a bath together), I'm glad I went to preschool and met them.

In a back-to-school homage to all my dear friends (Hi Lori!), followers, and kind strangers on the morning bus run, I wore this jumper to meet people for coffee. The girl behind the counter of starbucks called me "snazzy". She then told the next person to write "Snazzy" on the cup. If it wasn't so unhygienic I would have brought it home with me. This really is the cutest jumper and was thus, ABSOLUTELY EXTORTIONATE. But I can't help but love printed knits and this is particularly soft and lovely. You can still buy it on the Urban Outfitters website but WARNING: they're designed to be worn quite slimly (which is not my cup of tea) so I ended up buying a size larger.

You can't see it very well in the photos but these are the epic cheetah printed trousers from Topshop's previous season. I had desperately wanted them but refused to pay the £35 so was thrilled when I got them for £15 in the summer sale. They look amazing in real life; I love the subtleness of the pattern. The shoes are also ponyhair which is sometimes a nightmare if rains but I was lucky... The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Is it bad that this makes me happy? YES! Bring on the tweed! Bring on the wool! Bring on the heating bills!

No funny stories to report today. While I was waiting for the paralympic closing ceremony to start, my father walked in on me watching Home Alone 2 and commented that it was a film about "the failures of negligent parenting upon a future delinquent marketed with a polished christmas bow". I could only grunt in response. This was a day after he caught me watching my first episode of Jersey Shore. I feel he now thinks less of me; it would probably have been easier to explain away porn. Sad face.

edit: At the time of publishing, my server is currently down so some blog photos are not working. Sorry!

edit 2: Oh god, I had to upload these photos through my flickr. It seem Anonymous has hacked into godaddy (where I host my images) and so my blog just looks terrible... Crossing my fingers they get everything back up soon. Deeply regretting prepaying for an entire year now!

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